1. Black and white egg form on slate base
2. Black and white ground disc
3. Dark blue egg form on stone base
4. Dark blue cylinder vessel with rich blue interior
5. Dark blue disc on stone base
6. Hexagonal grey green vessel
7. Grey green wax resist vessel
8. Grey green open vessel with deep blue interior
9. Blue bottle form with grid pattern
10. No 2 Shell form on slate base
11. Pale brown vessel
12. Red grey blue ground egg
13. Red yellow and black ground vessel
14. Red yellow and black ground disc on stone base
15. Red yellow and black ground vessel
16. Tall dark blue facetted vessel with feet
17. Yellow open vessel
18. Blue Vessel With Points, 30cm high
19. Yellow orange and blue ground vessel
20. Yellow red black and white facetted ground vessel
21. Yellow red and black ground vessel
22. Yellow Black and White Ground Vessel, 33cm high
23. Red, yellow and black ground porcelain vessel
24. Tall ground vessel with yellow, orange, red, black and white pattern
25. Blue cone vessel on slate base
26. Grey Oval Vessel, 28cm high
27. Conical vessel on slate base
28. Thrown and cut vessel, 31cm high
29. Wall Form, 80cm long
30. Tall blue vessel, 31cm high
31. Conical black and white ground vessel
32. White Spiral Disc on Stone, 40cm high
33. Blue Thrown Stoneware Vessel, 37cm high
34. Grey green vessel with dash pattern
35. Double vessel form, 38cm high
36. Blue and pink vessel with vertical stripes
37. White ground disc on stone base, 50cm high
38. Blue thrown vessel, 14 cm high
39. Disc form on stone base, 23 cm diameter
40. White thrown vessel, 38cm high
41. Small blue vessel, 16cm diameter
42. Tall blue thrown vessel
43. Pink vessel, 26cm high
44. Blue cut form on stone base, 21 cm high
45. Blue open vessel, 32cm high