Royal Horticulture Society - Chelsea 2011

This year I was commissioned by renowned garden designer Sarah Erbele to make a series of ceramic vessels for her show garden – A Monaco Garden - at Chelsea Flower Show 2011.

The garden represented the topography of Monaco, the vessels inspired by the form of the Chorisia speciosa tree which is native to the Principality. The garden was awarded a Gold Medal by the judges.

At the end of the show the pots were taken to Monaco to be installed in public spaces in the Principality and in the Princes Palace.

1. "A Monaco Garden" designed by Sarah Erbele


2. Vessel in "A Monaco Garden"
3. Vessel from "A Monaco Garden"
4. Vessel from "A Monaco Garden"
5. Vessel from "A Monaco Garden"
6. Vessel from "A Monaco Garden"
7. Vessel in "A Monaco Garden"
8. Vessel in "A Monaco Garden"
9. Detail of vessel