1. Slate sail from on oak plinth  
2. Sail form No 2 slate 52cm high

3. Tranquility, kilkenny limestone 46cm long each piece

4. Sail form with texture, cumbrian blue slate on oak plinth 63cm high

  5. Sail form, Travertine on bursting stone base 77cm high inc base  
6. Sail form on oak base 50cm high 9. Head form, slate  50 cm h 8. Agod came and listened, bursting stone and bronze 54cm high
10. Round form, Bursting stone on travertinew base. 71cm high inc base
11. Head form in bursting stone 46cm high
12. Head form (view 1).  Dry rigg stone, base travatine. 45cm high
  13. Head form blue slate 32cm across