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Whilst at this point in time, the formal planning proposal has not been submitted, we know that developers, land agents and planning design teams are all now engaged by the Diocese as they mature their submission to Stratford-upon-Avon district council (SDC).

Central to the success of this submission is the content and approved status of several key documents. The SDC core strategy does not indicate that this is a site of development potential. Nor is there allocation for more houses in Wellesbourne in the current 5 year housing plan, although this may change should one of the other major developments in plan fall through and SDC needs to modify their present plans. Finally, in neither the current Parish Plan, Village Design Statement or the draft Neighbourhood Plan (nearing completion later in 2017) are there statements which support development on the allotment site. On the contrary, the allotments are defined as a valuable community asset and of significant value.

Whilst promising statements of fact, they do not stop the Diocese proceeding with this current proposal, nor from repeatedly resubmitting applications over and over in the future for this location.

Below are some links with useful planning and development statements. This will grow over time as the campaign gathers momentum.

Planning & Development Links

Wellesbourne's Neighbourhood Plan homepage

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Wellesbourne's Parish Plan

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Stratford-upon-Avon planning department upload received applications and make then fully visible to the public for comment and input. Decisions are also announced here.

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Allotments Act, 1950

Click here for the government's legislation in PDF format

The Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908

Click here for the government's legislation in PDF format

The Government's National Planning Policy Framework was published on 27 March 2012 and sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.

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The Government's Plain English guide to the planning system - does exactly what it says on the tin

Click here to go to the website and download the 20 page document is a community action organisation initiated by the Wellesbourne Allotment Association