How To Support SOWA

Your voice is important and your opinions matter.

Even in today's busy world of social media and distant political engagement, every voice, every letter, every phone call and every vote counts. Collectively, we can make a difference.

There are several ways in which you can support SOWA and help protect this community asset for future generations to both enjoy and benefit from.

What can we all do?

Join in

  • SOWA have paper petitions circulating the village so at the simplest level, please sign and circulate these accordingly. Please ensure only the side of the petition with the "I object" statement on it is signed to ensure the names are accepted as agreeing to that statement
  • Let us know your opinions by phone, email, letter or face-to-face. Every contact will be recorded and used to demonstrate the anger at the proposal and the support the allotments have
  • Join the team - everyone has a skill they can contribute, whether it be assisting on mail drops on your street, helping run a campaign event or even offering legal guidance on planning issues. It all matters and all adds up


Please write to our local MP, Mr Jeremy Wright at:

Jubilee House, Smalley Place, Kenilworth, CV8 1QG

We believe letters are more effective than email and here are a few guidelines to help you:
  • Introduction. If this is your first letter to your MP, you might want to start by introducing yourself and say why you care about the issue that you are raising. If you have a personal connection to the topic of your letter then this is a great way of engaging your MP and conveying your passion and commitment. Remember to acknowledge your MP for any supportive actions that they have already taken – MPs rarely hear the words ‘thank you’ from their constituents
  • Use the following format to structure the main part of your letter:
    • Start with a dramatic fact or short statement.
    • A brief introduction
    • State the problem, its causes, how serious it is
    • Suggest your solutions
    • Let your MP know what you want them to do about it
    • Ask for a response
  • What to do afterwards
    • If you haven’t had an acknowledgement of your letter after a couple of weeks, give your MP’s office a ring (tel: 01926 853650) to check they have received your letter
    • Share your reply - when you receive a response from your MP, tell us about it
    • Even if you are not very happy about the response you received individually don’t be down heartened. The collective effort of all those letters can bring change


Please engage with your local district councillors

Again, we believe letters are more effective than email, but all details are provided on their council homepages. As above, please explain your concerns about this development and seek their support in fighting this proposal from the Diocese:

Anne Parry is the SDC Councillor for Wellesbounre East

Anne's Stratford-upon-Avon district councillor page can be found here

Danny Kendall is the SDC Councillor for Wellesbounre West

Danny's Stratford-upon-Avon district councillor page can be found here


Please engage with the Wellesbourne Parish Council

The parish council are constrained in what they can and cannot say, but it is important that they are aware of your opinion as they will have input to the planning process:
  • Go in person to their meetings to be heard. Their meeting schedule and location is available here:

  • Engage your parish councillors so that they know your opinions is a community action organisation initiated by the Wellesbourne Allotment Association