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Wellesbourne Allotments Association Committee

All posts on the committe, both officers and general committee members, are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. No occupancy of any position extends beyond 1 year unless the holder of that position is re-elected at the AGM.

The committee officers hold keys to the Association shed, can distribute gate keys and under the tenancy agreement, may inspect any allotment garden at any time.  If you have any problems or concerns about either your allotment or the site itself, please do not hesitate to contact one of the officers or committee members.

General Contact to the Association Committee: email enquiries@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

The current elected Officers and General Members of the Association Committee are as follows:

Chairman: Ian Hope (plot #40AB)

email: chair@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

Secretary: Anne-Marie Ortu (plot #35B)

tel: 01789 470393, email: secretary@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

Treasurer: Ken Manning (plot #24A & #31A)

tel: 01789 842306, email: treasurer@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

Letting Secretary: Simon Oram (plot #33B)

tel: 01789 840704, email: lettings@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

General Committee Members:

Jessica Pinson (plot #3A). Tel: 07989 395446 email: jessica@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

Sharon Underhill (plot #47A/B). Tel 07734 549955 email: sharon@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

Simon Oram (plot #33B). Tel 01789 840704 email: simon@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

Andy Palin (plot #17B). Tel 07711 613625 email: andy@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

Wendy Necar (plot #34B). Tel 01789 841425 email: wendy@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

Malcom Larby (plot #31B) email: malcolm@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk