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Welcome to the Wellesbourne Allotments Association Website

DIY SOS Call for Allotment Dementia Plot

Dementia Plot with Ken Manning & Heather Brown

Pictured: Ken Manning and Heather Brown

Wellesbourne Allotment Association is appealing to local landscapers and builders to help bring about a DIY SOS-style transformation to create a Dementia Friendly Allotment – one of just a handful in the country!

The call comes after confirmation of grants from Stratford District Council and from Wellesbourne Parish Council totalling £2,580. The monies will be used to fund the basic landscaping of a plot on Wellesbourne Allotments on the Kineton Road, including the purchase of essential paving slabs and a large wooden shed, but more help is needed to transform the plot over a single weekend!

There is also an appeal for an arbor style seat, for gardening tools for dementia plot users and for plants and compost.

Wellesbourne Allotment Association Treasurer Ken Manning says: “Most of us will know someone living with dementia. Wellesbourne is becoming a Dementia Friendly Community and we are delighted to be working with Heather Brown and the Oscars team to develop an allotment specifically designed to be used by people living with dementia and their families and carers. 

“We are very grateful for the support shown by the District Council and by the Parish Council. We hope a local task force will be able to transform the plot in time for this year’s growing season and help to bring joy to users throughout the year.”

Anyone able to give their time, or to donate materials or gardening equipment should contact Ken Manning at treasurer@wellesbourneallotments.co.uk

Oscars (Over Sixties Community and Recreation Scheme ) co-ordinator Heather Brown says: “This is a great project which will enable people living with dementia to continue using and enjoying their gardening skills. The fact that the plot is being designed to be wheelchair and dementia friendly by incorporating features such as raised beds and shaded seating is important in providing an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and socialise in a safe environment. The plot will bring much pleasure, and we hope become a well-used facility within the community.”

Oscars are currently looking for a volunteer to liaise with carers and to help co-ordinate the day to day running of the scheme. If you are interested in volunteering to help co-ordinate the scheme please contact Heather Brown on 01789 841419.




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Wednesday 31st January 2018

Coventry Diocese has over the past decade made many threats to build houses on our Wellesbourne Allotments which been here on this site since 1840. Each time the strength of public opinion and the severe damage caused to the Churches reputation has stopped them from submitting formal planning proposals. We have a 3,000 strong petition calling for the Coventry Diocese to cease their housing development plans which would devastate our community.

We now understand that because of the strength of local opposition, they wish to re-negotiate with us a new development proposal. Click here to view the communication to the Wellesbourne Allotment chairman Ian Hope.

We strongly feel the Diocese continues to misunderstood the strength of local feeling about the destruction of our Allotments as well as to more housing in the village
It seems to us that the temptation to maximise the Church assets regardless of the human cost has a vice-like grip over Coventry Diocese. Yet another example of what happens when those responsible for managing the Church of England assets go unregulated and unchecked by Church Spiritual leaders. The Church of England stands to make millions out of sale of our allotment land. Land they have never paid a penny for, land that was gifted into their care during the Wellesbourne Enclosure Act in 1733. This first record of allotments here was in 1840, making these one of the oldest allotments in the UK.

Most who hear our story cannot believe that the Church is prepared to be so ruthless & sell our allotments to property developers. Most do not think this type of action is compatible with the values & principles of The Church. We think there is not one Christian in Midlands, from the Bishop down, who supports the devastation of our allotment community for housing.
Church of England makes £1.3bn a year, more than McDonalds & 3 x that of Starbucks, and has a £7.6bn investment fund which returns an enviable 17.1% growth per year, making the Church the 16th richest Charity in the world.

In 2014, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury recognised there was a huge ethical problem when it came to how it the Church went about maximising profits from its assets & committed himself to stopping unethical practices within The Church . He said the Church of England “…had to be more consistent between what we say and what we do,” he also added…….”but these things happen”.

Is this proposal by Coventry Diocese just another one of those 'unethical' things that happens in the name of the Church when its Spiritual leaders do not lead? They should read their own Ethical Investment Policy which dictates Church of England’s asset management" should be compatible with Christian Values"
Coventry Diocese has continually stated that as a Charity they have 2 obligations according to the Charity Commission Guidelines; to support the mission of the Church & to make best use of their assets to support that mission.

However the Charity Commission also states a Charity also has a 3rd obligation. To be a Charity your mission should also be for the public benefit. Any action which benefits the charity must not outweigh the detrimental or harmful effects its action causes to people, property & environment.

Putting housing here on our allotment land will without doubt significantly harm the people of Wellesbourne & its environment.

However, if Coventry Diocese say they need money they can raise cash from the sale of other land they own in this area.  Why single out our allotment land - as one of the few remaining valued community assets in Wellesbourne it is the jewel in the crown of the village. Wellesbourne is growing rapidly at the moment will a huge amount of new housing estates. Wellesbourne needs more community facilities like the Allotments not less.

Since the news about the plans by the Diocese of Coventry to sell the land to developers, with 50 houses being earmarked for the site, a campaign has stsarted by the allotment association.

The new campaign website is sowa.org.uk

All the local and national press, SOWA's press releases, news and information about the situation will be managed and updated there. You can also contact the association's campaign committee by email following the contact link on that site.

If you are a member of the press or media and wish to speak to the association regards information or interviews, please email media@sowa.org.uk

Many thanks for visiting our page and we hope that you will support our campaign to protect the community asset.

Wellesbourne Allotments on BBC Ra dio 4 Gardener's Question Time

Christine Walkden on site

Wellesbourne Allotment Association were one of the seven groups who invited and hosted BBC Radio 4 GQT in February 2015. The expert Christine Walkden and producer Howard Shannon came to the site and interviewed about a dozen group members, talking about the history, development risk and also answering problems we face on the spot.

The broadcast was made on Friday March 6th, repeated on Sunday 8th March 2015. A second recording made on the same evening is being broadcast on April 17th, repeated on Sunday 19th. The panel were Christine Walkden, Pippa Greenwood and Chris Beardshaw, with chairman Eric Robson. Producer was Howard Shannon, assistant producer was Hannah Newton.

See more images from the event here

Pest Alert

We've got Alium Leaf Miner on site and you may have noticed already that your leeks/onions etc have been attacked by them.  Frankly, pull up affected produce and safely destroy them.  You can protect future crops with fine mesh coverings, and you may be OK for this season depending where on the site your plot is, but do check carefully before before you net them in.

Information about the beast can be found here on the Royal Horticultural Society website.

"Winter Colour & Interest in the Garden"

An illustrated talk by Duncan Coombs (lecturer @ Pershore College).

Hosted by Wellesbourne & Walton Horticultural Society

Friday 18th October 2013 @ 7.45 p.m.
Wellesbourne Village Hall
Tickets £5  Please make contact for tickets first...details on this PDF flyer (should automatically open when you click the link)

Site Security

News of more breaks and thefts continue to roll in periodically, with scrumping of our produce being one of the latest reports.  It is important that you lock the site gates consistently and be vigilant for anything untoward....

It is our collective responsibility to manage the site security, and report issues to the police to ensure action will be taken in the future.

Click here for the Safety & Security pages


The Association Goes Electronic!

As we explore new ways to engage with plot holders and reduce cost, we can now send all communications to plot holders via emails if they prefer.  This saves paper, reduces the time taken for committee members and delivering letters, and saves the modest printing costs.  If you would like to enrol for email communications, please contact the Association Secretary requesting email over paper. And if you do, remember to tell us should you ever change your mail address! 

As well as the new website and email facility, the Allotments Association now has a new Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Whilst we acknowledge such new fangled things are not for everyone, they do provide an important and friendly platform for allotment holders and like-minded people to communicate, share knowledge, share seeds, produce and plants, and ultimately build friendships.  We hope you join us on the new forums!