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Wellesbourne Allotments Association News

Wellesbourne Allotments on BBC Radio 4 Gardener's Question Time

Christine Walkden on site

Wellesbourne Allotment Association were one of the seven groups who invited and hosted BBC Radio 4 GQT in February 2015. The expert Christine Walkden and producer Howard Shannon came to the site and interviewed about a dozen group members, talking about the history, development risk and also answering problems we face on the spot.

The broadcast was made on Friday March 6th, repeated on Sunday 8th March 2015. A second recording made on the same evening is being broadcast on April 17th, repeated on Sunday 19th. The panel were Christine Walkden, Pippa Greenwood and Chris Beardshaw, with chairman Eric Robson. Producer was Howard Shannon, assistant producer was Hannah Newton.

See more images from the event here


Pest Alert

We've got Alium Leaf Miner on site and you may have noticed already that your leeks/onions etc have been attacked by them.  Frankly, pull up affected produce and safely destroy them.  You can protect future crops with fine mesh coverings, and you may be OK for this season depending where on the site your plot is, but do check carefully before before you net them in.

Information about the beast can be found here on the Royal Horticultural Society website.

Site Security

News of more breaks and thefts continue to roll in periodically, with scrumping of our produce being one of the latest reports.  It is important that you lock the site gates consistently and be vigilant for anything untoward....

It is our collective responsibility to manage the site security, and report issues to the police to ensure action will be taken in the future.

Click here for the Safety & Security pages


The Association Goes Electronic!

As we explore new ways to engage with plot holders and reduce cost, we can now send all communications to plot holders via emails if they prefer.  This saves paper, reduces the time taken for committee members and delivering letters, and saves the modest printing costs.  If you would like to enrol for email communications, please contact the Association Secretary requesting email over paper. And if you do, remember to tell us should you ever change your mail address! 

As well as the new website and email facility, the Allotments Association now has a new Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Whilst we acknowledge such new fangled things are not for everyone, they do provide an important and friendly platform for allotment holders and like-minded people to communicate, share knowledge, share seeds, produce and plants, and ultimately build friendships.  We hope you join us on the new forums!