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Safety & Security at the Wellesbourne Allotments

Whilst not being over-burdensome, there are several issues on your safety and security which must be raised.


There are regular thefts from the site.  Usually, the offenders come from the fields over the long and exposed side of the site.  However, non-allotment holders have been seen walking in through open gates.  It is important that the side gate (to Mountford Close) is locked before and after you enter the site, and that the Kineton Road gate is closed and locked from evening to morning.

The thefts range from mechanical items, tools and also personal belongings.  Nothing is safe it appears.  As such, please be aware of, and consider carefully, leaving anything of either peronal or monetary value on site, even in a locked shed.

Alarmed padlocks can be obtained from the committee, and these are loud audible siren padlocks which can be heard at night by neighbours.  If you do padlock your own sheds, then be aware that the thieves have often ripped doors off to gain access.  Some people have chosen not to lock their sheds at all.  It is important that everybody takes responsibility for their own security of sheds and contents.  Basically, it is much safer NOT to leave valuables in sheds.

If you spot anyone suspicious, or identify any strange behaviour, please contact the committee members and/or police as appropriate.  It may not be your plot which is affected on that occassion, but in time it will be, so do not hestitate.  Do be careful if you choose to approach and challenge someone though - the Association does not want anyone injured during any confrontation. 


Safety is important for everyone.  Whether it be a fork through the foot, a splinter or simply falling on uneven surfaces, we do not wish anyone to come to harm.  As such, there are a few simple words of advice to follow to ensure:

  1. There are not always other plot holders present, but whenever possible, please be mindful of where other people are on site should you require assistance.  Keep half an eye on them too!
  2. Always carry a mobile phone and keep it to hand.  It's not much use if you fall and the phone is at the other end of your plot.
  3. Use some common sense if you are lifting/moving/climbing things on your plot. Do not take unnecessary risks and cause injury to yourself.  Backs give way quickly and easily, whilst falls from even low heights can disable you!

Should you require assistance from the emergency services, here are the details accordingly:


Your own or the closest plot number

Wellesbourne Allotments,
Vehicular access to allotments between 27 & 29 Kineton Road OR
Pedestrian-only access between 36 & 38 Mountford Close,

World-wide Grid (WSG)94 (used in Sat Navs) Latitude 52°10'23"  Longitude 001°34'46"
Ordanance Survey OSGB36 Latitude 52°10'21.3363 Longitude 001°34'52.5903?
OS Grid Ref = TM 44846 58796

Print this out and keep it in your shed or handy.  Hopefully, you will never need it!

First Aiders

If any plotholder who is a registered and qualified first aider would be prepared for their details to be added to the noticeboard, please advise one of the committee members.